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Ahh…The raunchy #showhole.

The dastardly “holy experience” known by many binge-watchers, particularly couples who consume full seasons of sitcoms overnight on sites like Netflix, as the “hole” between shows.

In Amazon’s latest campaign for Amazon Fire TV, we find a tool for binge-watchers all over the world to use and help patch those relationship-killing #showholes, recommending other related options to users for you know, more cuddles?…

It’s a bit “too commercial” for me and when I watch it I am immediately reminded of brand, Old Spice, which is a bit counter-productive.

But hey, you know my brand!

Take a look at Amazon’s 30-second spot below and let us know what you think.

Amazon Fire TV #showhole transcript
You’ve spent more time looking for a show than watching one.
She’s over it.
And you’re in a #showhole?
Will you TV drift apart?
Will she go back to her TV ex?
You’ve got Amazon Fire TV.
Its TV brain knows your TV heart.
Make-up binging is the best.
So long #showhole!

Source: Amazone Fire TV

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