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Because when ridiculously cool is what it means.

The experience
One day, you’ll need to light something on fire in the pouring rain…Or when in the shower. Weirdo.

The overview
And this is the ridiculously cool rechargeable lighter by Elementium Plazmatic. If Tesla existed today he’d give them the wink and the gun — 100% green light.

So how does it work? Easy. Well kinda…Plasma lighters like the Elementium Plazmatic use cutting-edge ignition technology and use the lighter’s spark as a trigger to read the plasma conduit between lighter ‘electrodes’ (the energy containing poles) which ionize the air in-between each electrode, creating an electrical current — seen as the purple beam — to essentially light anything on fire.

Check out the specs:

– Rechargeable micro USB cord;
– 1-2 hours charge time;
– 100 lights per lighter with up to 500 rechargeable rounds;
– Waterproof;
– Wind resistant;
– Stainless steel body;
– 240 mAh battery;
– 3.7 volts;
– No butane or fluids;
– Eco-friendly.


Now if you put all that info into context, 1 plasma lighter is equivalent to 50 disposable lighters, which means a lighter wallet and a lighter landfill.

Pretty cool, eh?

But there’s more. Check out the shortlist of DIY videos below and let us know which one you think is ‘unintentionally’ hilarious.

Until next time!


Source: Elementium Lighters

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