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What is the Internet of Things? Technologists today define the Internet of Things (IoT) as a network of smart systems consisting of the Internet’s three main actors: devices or ‘things’ (sensors); network connectivity (Internet service provider); people (users).

IoT evangelists and futurists on the innovation frontlines trumpet IoT today as the, ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ set to change the Internet as we know it.

“We are giving the world a digital nervous system.”

Everyday devices from home thermostats to ovens to traffic lights to cameras to energy flows and more,¬†will track user data, all built with the function to ‘improve’ user standard of living.

By 2020 IoT-connected devices are expected to reach 34-billion and sources report over 6-trillion will be spent on IoT solutions in the next five years.

internet of things infographic

Source: Harbor Research


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