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Australian company Fastbrick Robotics just invented a robot named, Hadrian X, it stacks 1000 bricks per hour with incredible accuracy. Ya, that’s one home in 2 days!

Why is Fastbrick Robotics disruptive?

A professional human bricklayer can lay between 300 to 500 bricks a day, which is between 30 to 50 bricks per hour. A developer who adds Hadrian X to any bricklaying job will get the return equal to adding 20 more bricklayers per hour.

Similar to 3D-printing entire homes, robots like Hadrian X will make it more efficient for developers to build. Despite media conversations and PR teams suggesting that robots like Hadrian X are not here to replace humans, it’ll be naive to ignore the economical benefits from a business point of view.

If stakeholders and developers are tempted to keep costs low and scale up production — a classic business move — you can expect a shift in tone. It’s also important to note that the Bank of England has predicted over 95-million jobs will go to robots in the next 10 to 20 years — that’s a projection worth taking seriously.

How does Hadrian X work?

The Hadrian X is first loaded with bricks for the robot’s arm to grab. The robot then adds adhesives onto each brick and loads it onto the conveyor belt. With instructions taken from a 3D-CAD software system with SOLIDWORKS and a laser-guided system, its arm begins to stack bricks with .5mm accuracy.

Fastbrick Robotics’ first YouTube video

Despite Fastbrick Robotics pushing marketing messages without an official YouTube channel, we managed to find their first YouTube video published by current operations manager, Gary Paull, who first published it on Jun 29, 2015. The video shows a graphic rendering of what the Hadrian X looks like while layering bricks on a job and it’s pretty impressive.

Just how revolutionary is Fastbrick Robotics? 

This is the second video published by Gary Paull explaining the incredible potential of automated construction. It shows how Fastbrick Robotics’ Hadrian 105 plans to change the construction industry completely forever — this is truly a disruptive technology.

Main takeaway?

Humans have been laying bricks for over 6000 years and the robots and technology we’ve been reading about for decades are here or close by. After witnessing the Hadrian X prove to the world robots build houses faster than humans, robots like Hadrian X leave mankind with an interesting question: what do we do with all our extra time?

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