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Because you want to grow your own food in your backyard without having to do or know much about gardening.

The Brief

FarmBot Genesis is the world’s first automated gardening robot that grows food in your garden by itself seven days a week, day and night, the way you want it to with little gardening effort and know-how.


Meet FarmBot Genesis. Humanity’s first CNC diy precision farming robot. The home garden autonomous system was created by a young California-based team of three (led by Rory Aronson), its design is more compact than today’s million-dollar precision farming tractor and is small enough to fit in your backyard or rooftop garden.


But don’t let its size fool you. FarmBot is a workhorse. It can garden 24/7, sowing and watering seeds efficiently and exactly how users prefer them to grow.

Its onboard camera and advanced visual software also helps users monitor gardens, detecting and burying weeds as soon as they sprout. Its soil sensor also provides users how the garden changes over time, enabling for smarter and more efficient gardens with every passing season.

The overall process is code-free and users can control and configure FarmBot from a web-based user interface from a mobile device.

Its automated sequence builder, scheduler, and drag-and-drop planter also makes it convenient to manage, setting custom care options for each seed through its lifetime.

FarmBot Genesis’ autonomous kits come with Arduino Mega 2560, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, disassembled hardware packages, and access to the open-source software community for construction.

FarmBot’s first YouTube video

Rory introduces FarmBot to the world with their first YouTube video publish ever, an entry video for the 2015 Hackaday semifinals round. The video highlights FarmBot Genesis’ 3D-printed parts, stainless steel, and corrosion resistant hardware, great materials for withstanding Mother Nature’s harsh elements.

Main Takeaway

With companies like Monsanto trying to monopolize the farming world, FarmBot Genesis, empowers the average person with an easy solution to diy gardening. When we handle our own food with the organic and GMO-free seeds, we’ll be able to avoid the cost of consuming the negative side-effects from mismanaged fruits and vegetables. The FarmBot Genesis kit is currently selling for $3,500. Rory Aronson says he hopes to get that price down closer to $1000 in the near future.

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