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With thousands already cutting the cord on cable, a new tech device imported from China might just put them away for good.

Founder of Astro TV Boxes Canada, maritimer Joel Adams, is already selling Canadians the so-called cable killer.

The ‘free TV box’ provides unlimited access to popular TV shows and movies which you stream directly from your TV. And apparently, based on reports, it’s completely legal.

Surprised? Don’t be, the laws regarding streaming in Canada are murky at best. Your safeguard is that you are streaming content as opposed to downloading content, which means based on current copyright laws, you’re not technically committing an illegal act.

So how does it work?

The Astro TV box works as easy as the plug-and-play feature on a computer. Plug the box into your television and get immediate access to a worldwide library of shows and movies past or present.

The TV boxes are imported from China and preloaded with software and apps by Adams.

Once that process is complete the TV boxes are ready to go, providing you with more than the Canadian Netflix could ever do, without the monthly fee.

The only catch is the initial cost of the Android TV box, which starts at $87.99 for the starter kit and goes up to $259.99 for their most advanced.

According to Adams’ website sales have been through the roof since entering the Canadian market.

Unfortunately all models are currently out of stock, but keep checking. Adams and his team are working around the clock pushing as hard as they can to restock.

Check out the video below to see how it works and let us know what you think in our comments section.


UPDATE: Due to legal pushback from Google, CEO of disruptive “Android Box Canada,” now goes by brand name “Astro Box Canada.”

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