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Airbnb uses the voice of that “Instragram friend” and travel snob (you know the one we’re talking about) to woo us in for yet another adventure, even if it is for just a night, in their latest ad campaign #LiveThere.

The San Fransisco-based company has come a long way since their 2008 “Airbedandbreakfast.com” days, first working out of founders’ Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia’s loft apartment to attracting Viaweb founder Paul Graham to partnering up with actor Aston Kutcher to now owning bragging rights to over 60-million users and 2-million-plus listings in over 57, 000 cities and 192 countries.

Today the tourism and hotel-industry disruptive treasure is valued over $25-billion.

As a way to pay homage to Airbnb’s “unicorn” status and to entertain the ADNARCHIST who appreciates ad copy recall, we publish the transcript from #LiveThere below for your pleasure.

Don’t go to Paris. Don’t tour Paris. And please don’t do Paris.

Live in Paris. When you Airbnb in Paris, you have your own home.

Make your bed. Cook. You know? The stuff you normally do.

Don’t go to LA. Don’t go to New York. Don’t go to Tokyo.

Live there. Live in Malibu. Live in the East Village. Live in Shinagawa.

Feel at home. Anywhere. Do your regular routine. Wherever you go.

Don’t go there. Live there.

Even if it’s just for a night.

The #LiveThere campaign has recorded 31, 455 YouTube views in 5 days on their Airbnb account boasting over 43, 783 subscribers.

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