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First YouTube ad for Olli, the world’s first self-driving ‘cognitive’ electric car -ADNARCHIST

Ad industry braces for uncertainty after Brexit -MarketWatch

Forecast: 33 percent of internet users will be ad blocking by next year -Marketingland

Despite 4 years trapped in embassy, Assange says WikiLeaks has “very big year” ahead -Salon

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MTS shareholders “Overwhelmingly Approve” acquisition by Bell -iPhone in Canada

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74% of Netflix subscribers would rather cancel their subscription than see ads -AllFlicks

How do we achieve an open, secure, trustworthy, and inclusive internet? -EFF

Mark Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam -The Verge

Aviva Ventures investing $180-million over five years in disruptive and high-potential digital startups -Canadian Underwriter

Where is Edward Snowden now? The NSA leaker still has a lot to say about the United States -Bustle

Mobile internet advertising to overtake desktop in 2017 -Zenith Opti Media

Apple won’t collect your data for its AI services unless you let it -Recode

Mark Zuckerberg’s 3 top pieces of business advice for entrepreneurs -Industry Leaders Magazine


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