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Here’s an #LOL for ya…

Are you familiar with ad agency BBDO? Well their German team a.k.a. BBDO Berlin launched a campaign for microcar brand, smart fortwo cabrio, the little brother brand of Mercedes-Benz and a division under German multinational corporation Daimler AG.

Anyway the auto campaign introduces the world’s most “radically open” test drive and features a “challenge” that puts test drivers in the hot seat where they are forced to answer daring questions. The campaign uses the lie detector as a measuring stick for openness.

When a lie is told, the “radically open” roof shuts and the test drive ends.

And ya, the campaign is a fun watch.

The footage does feature some pretty funny and ridiculously awkward candid moments…

Like you’ll find a mother asking her son if he has ever had sex in her bed, a daughter asking her mother whether she likes her boyfriend, a girlfriend asking her boyfriend whether he likes her mother…There’s even footage of one best guy friend asking his best guy friend if he has ever had a sexual fantasy that involved another man!

It certainly has its #LOL moments.

Check it out and let us know what you think below.

Source: Smart

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